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What started out as a hobby and passion turned into quite a lot more when ØZKAR (Oscar Wildenburg) was asked to play his first gig back in 2011. Being into music from the get go helped him develop a broad style of mixing, with his parents challenging him to practice on the songs they love.
From the likes of Bob Marley to Micheal Jackson, through Hip-hop/ RnB, Dancehall and House music; no genre was excluded during his sessions. Something he still takes very seriously during sets.
After quite a few years of partying and hustling, it was time to finally spend some more time crafting his own.


His debut release ‘Fly Away’ amassed more than 100,000 streams in spotify in the first month alone, and his followup “You’ll Be There’ is already reaching 500K streams in 6 weeks time! Bare in mind tho, this is just the beginning.